Sunday, March 19, 2006

Since our last email, for which I entirely assume responsibility, was dour and spiceless, this post will begin a (re)new(ed) and joyous approach of fun and quirky moments in our lives. Some bland, abstract philosopical things might sneak their way in, but we hope that the truly philosophical can be the minute narrative of our lives... so, fun things!

To begin, I, Michael, have taken up knitting, proving the folk wisdom that married folk grow more alike as they live together (and after only 1.5 years!). To date, Yvana has not picked up any of my habits, she hopes, but we wait with bated breath. I hope to knit and purl my way to a scarf first, and eventually a sweater, but time will tell.

Yvana has had a rash of winter clothing loss recently... a scarf, and one glove each from two pairs. She is down to one pair of thinsulate gloves and one pair mittens- doing fine with the scarves though. I must specify, however, that it has not been her fault; the weather has been unusually windy and has blown these gloves away rather quickly, especially while biking; it's a hard thing, because when we begin we are usually cold, but about halfway to school/home, the activity of biking makes us uncomfortably warm, which means we shed some outer shells, which leads to lost articles. But we hope to make it through the winter without any further regresses.

A short posting, but I suppose that's the point. We are off this afternoon to volunteer at our church's community dinner, where we offer free, hot meals to whoever needs or wants one, so it promises to be an enjoyable, rewarding, and interesting time. -M


police wife said...

Very cute pic!I have never done this blog stuff before-pretty fun!Take care you 2:)Diane

Kidgit said...

Interestingly enough since winter is now over I suppose you'll officially stop losing clothing. I hope you have a chance to make yourself a nice pair of knit one purl two shorts.