Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Friday, May 19, 2006

Just got a few minutes to write a bit, but for all those friends praying for our paper writing situation, I am proud to say that I am over the hump--three of four papers in, and the fourth will be gone on Tuesday!!! They aren't my best work, but I am getting increasingly hard on myself, and it was time to be done--I am having trouble putting coherent thoughts in a row right now! I will let Mike share with you his good news in good time, but he has been busy keeping up with friends in Illinois (I know, not enough of you, but we will get there, I promise!), getting sick, and most importantly (well, not REALLY) working tonnes and tonnes so we can do this graduate school thing for another year...

I am still looking for gainful employment to keep me busy, so if anyone knows about work in DeKalb (I'll do just about anything) or the vicinity, let me know!

We are up to Toronto again next weekend for Convocation at ICS, so we will regale you with international mysteries when we get back. For now, though, Au Revoir!

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

It was my intention this week to add another school to our already-lengthy list of "Institutions of Higher Education Attended." Instead, I added to our "Notable Notables of the Mols' that Noone Really Cares About." I can tell you are dying to hear about it, and I will have to oblige. Because I am such a "special case" (no comments from the peanut gallery about this one), I have called to the attention of the "Powers That Be" at Northern Illinois University a need for a policy change in their admissions documentation. WHOOO HOOO!

Problem is, I couldn't even sneak through that little loophole I found in order to make this application procedure just a little bit easier for me before it closed up, prior to the official change. If anyone really cares about the particulars, I am more than happy to relate them, but the long and short of it is that I have to send in my graduate school transcript (from The ICS) and get a credit evaluation (of their credits--which are on the European system--confusing as all get out for Americans...) in order to take an undergraduate, entry level French 101 course for three weeks about a month from now. How long do you think all of that admissions fanangaling is going to take? I am afraid to find out--well, I will keep you all posted...

To add to our "Notable Notables" list, Mike's hair is currently as short as it's ever been: That is, shaved (with the exception of a teeny-tiny-just-a-couple-of-hairs-bit that I missed with the shaver that is located on the side of his head--Think Ancient Egyptian Prince...got it?).

Well, when I run across any more, I will be sure to let you know... Until then, we remain faithfully yours!-Y

Sunday, May 7, 2006

For those who are curious about our current status, we are now in the process of settling into the Mols homestead in Illinois. After an enjoyable auto trip through eastern Ontario, a stop at Niagara, and around lake Erie through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, we arrived safely in Illinois. I have secured work with a local caterer for the summer, which will hopefully allow us to stockpile for the leaner winter months and "support our habit" at school. (I love that phrase! My manager said that to me recently and I will contemplate it for some time.) Yvana will be taking classes at Northern Illinois as soon as the bureaucrats have been sated or slaughtered. She is also seeking something part time in DeKalb, to cut down on unstewardly fuel use. A few promising leads, but no bites yet.

To acknowledge the elephant in the room, no, we have not finished our papers. Yvana has 3 drafts and is working on her fourth, but I'm still stuck on my second. We have faith, but we also have anxiety; and a lot of books.

We hope to keep you updated on the goings on, and our thoughts concerning these goings, as they unfold. -M