Tuesday, May 9, 2006

It was my intention this week to add another school to our already-lengthy list of "Institutions of Higher Education Attended." Instead, I added to our "Notable Notables of the Mols' that Noone Really Cares About." I can tell you are dying to hear about it, and I will have to oblige. Because I am such a "special case" (no comments from the peanut gallery about this one), I have called to the attention of the "Powers That Be" at Northern Illinois University a need for a policy change in their admissions documentation. WHOOO HOOO!

Problem is, I couldn't even sneak through that little loophole I found in order to make this application procedure just a little bit easier for me before it closed up, prior to the official change. If anyone really cares about the particulars, I am more than happy to relate them, but the long and short of it is that I have to send in my graduate school transcript (from The ICS) and get a credit evaluation (of their credits--which are on the European system--confusing as all get out for Americans...) in order to take an undergraduate, entry level French 101 course for three weeks about a month from now. How long do you think all of that admissions fanangaling is going to take? I am afraid to find out--well, I will keep you all posted...

To add to our "Notable Notables" list, Mike's hair is currently as short as it's ever been: That is, shaved (with the exception of a teeny-tiny-just-a-couple-of-hairs-bit that I missed with the shaver that is located on the side of his head--Think Ancient Egyptian Prince...got it?).

Well, when I run across any more, I will be sure to let you know... Until then, we remain faithfully yours!-Y

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Kidgit said...

I resent the peanut gallery comment...and don't even try to pretend you weren't talking about me.