Sunday, May 7, 2006

For those who are curious about our current status, we are now in the process of settling into the Mols homestead in Illinois. After an enjoyable auto trip through eastern Ontario, a stop at Niagara, and around lake Erie through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, we arrived safely in Illinois. I have secured work with a local caterer for the summer, which will hopefully allow us to stockpile for the leaner winter months and "support our habit" at school. (I love that phrase! My manager said that to me recently and I will contemplate it for some time.) Yvana will be taking classes at Northern Illinois as soon as the bureaucrats have been sated or slaughtered. She is also seeking something part time in DeKalb, to cut down on unstewardly fuel use. A few promising leads, but no bites yet.

To acknowledge the elephant in the room, no, we have not finished our papers. Yvana has 3 drafts and is working on her fourth, but I'm still stuck on my second. We have faith, but we also have anxiety; and a lot of books.

We hope to keep you updated on the goings on, and our thoughts concerning these goings, as they unfold. -M


rwp8301 said...

I'm glad to hear that you have made it abck to the states safely. I really liked Niagra when I went there with Erin. Why did you go around Lake Erie, and not the direct route home, our was that because you were in Niagra already, and you can spit and hit New York from there? Let me know when you'll be on the South Side. As of Mother's Day I'll be all moved in. I'm painting right now.

M&Y said...

We went around Lake Erie for a change of pace, mostly; a more scenic way home primarily, less traffic secondarily, and heck, we were in Niagara first thing that morning, and didn't want to backtrack. It was a chilly, misty morning-just-after-sunrise, but there was no traffic, no people, and no paying at the pay-parking place!

We will be on the Southside tomorrow, actually for Honours Tea, and to catch up with all our friends at TCC. We may be open for dinner if you are interested...-Y

Kidgit said...

Mike I love your first two sentences. I miss the 1900s/homesteading era.