Saturday, April 29, 2006

I can't say about death, and taxes are in, so right now it seems as if nothing is sure except paper deadlines and the fact that Kidgit is going to comment on this blog... But as we are self-involved in the first of those sureties, life continues to swirl and swirl around us. While we can't be much more specific than that right now, please pray for us through the coming months as we try to find equilibrium again. As we find ourselves in process, as seems our most "stable" state, your friendship and God's strength alone are our guiding stars, thank you!

In other, more upbeat news, we have just found a new way to waste time on the internet... Warning--those of you with lots of books and little time, don't read farther, you most likely will regret it--though you will have an unbelievably fun time before that regret strikes! is a book cataloguing website that allows easy, free entry of up to 200 books in a personal collection, allowing you to "tag" books with helpful categorization (fiction or 18th Century Women's Literature--depending on your pickiness!), and also gives you reccomendations from other, real users who have collections similar to yours (Kinda like Amazon's reccomendation, but a whole lot better, believe me!). Anyway, I'll stop gushing and let you see for yourself--but remember my warning; I'll assume no responsibility for missed classes, meetings, meals... you get the idea.

Curious? Here is our library!-Y

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Kidgit said...

"*Death* and taxes? What an odd pairing."

Couldn't help myself. You probably wouldn't know what movie it's from but hey, I had to post something. Next time make it a shorter blog, someone has papers they're supposed to be writing.