Friday, May 19, 2006

Just got a few minutes to write a bit, but for all those friends praying for our paper writing situation, I am proud to say that I am over the hump--three of four papers in, and the fourth will be gone on Tuesday!!! They aren't my best work, but I am getting increasingly hard on myself, and it was time to be done--I am having trouble putting coherent thoughts in a row right now! I will let Mike share with you his good news in good time, but he has been busy keeping up with friends in Illinois (I know, not enough of you, but we will get there, I promise!), getting sick, and most importantly (well, not REALLY) working tonnes and tonnes so we can do this graduate school thing for another year...

I am still looking for gainful employment to keep me busy, so if anyone knows about work in DeKalb (I'll do just about anything) or the vicinity, let me know!

We are up to Toronto again next weekend for Convocation at ICS, so we will regale you with international mysteries when we get back. For now, though, Au Revoir!

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Kidgit said...

I miss you guys! But it's only about two months till I see you again. By the way, the garage sale is going well...I'm thinking of selling a lot of your stuff. :)