Thursday, March 23, 2006

Small victories eventually add up, so I might as well share it. Our daily bicycle trek between apartment and school takes us approximately 3 miles along College Street, along which the streetcars run. Now, let me tell you, it's no fun to be caught riding next to a streetcar for a number of reasons, foremost of which are: 1) these things are constantly stopping in order to pick up and drop off passengers, meaning you must do the same or risk running over the elderly as they hobble to the curb, which I'm sure would add a few minutes to your stay in purgatory (don't freak out, I'm just saying that to be funny... I haven't bought into popery... yet). And 2) the autos are usually impatient to get past these streetcars and end up doing stupid and risky things in order to get by. But what might be an inconvenient fender-bender for a car could pretty easily turn life threatening for a cyclist. Anyway, today I started off next to a streetcar at school and hooved it to pull ahead... but by the time I got to our street, I had passed 3! I realize that many of you might ridicule my enthusiasm at my self-perceived biking prowess, but hey, I don't got much else... So back off my bike! -M


Kidgit said...

Please, oh PLEASE, wear a helmet because that plate in your head is still healing.

M&Y said...

We do wear helemts, thanks for the concern... now we need to work on pants... -M