Wednesday, June 14, 2006

May for the Molseses...

Excuses about slow-dial-up internet connections aside, it has been far too long since we have updated you all about what is going on with us. To be brief, we have been on several trips, and have more to come. We were in Toronto with our friend Amanda for ICS's convocation ceremony, and the events surrounding it. It was a whirlwind weekend--we got to see the White Sox beat the Blue Jays, hear some jazz at the Rex (this is getting to be a common place to take our friends...), enjoy friends and fellowship at ICS's local pub: Einstein's, snag some grub at the Canadian favorite Tim Horton's hear Nik Ansell give his inaugural address, watch John Suk be installed as president of ICS, experience Jim Olthuis' festschrift, and return all of our library books (none were overdue!). It was a lot to fit into just a couple days, but it was all very enjoyable!

Just a few days after getting back, Mike and I traveled out to our Alma Mater to present alongside Ben some works-in-progress for colleagues there. It was a rewarding experience, and I hope only the first of many more alumni symposia!

It has been settling into life since then--Mike continues to work long hours (especially on the weekends) and I have been trying to keep busy reading while looking for a summer job (still...), and getting to work at Fay's (where the rest of the Mols' family works) last Saturday.

So, for those of you that are interested--my reading list so far this summer has been (after the books I read for course papers, of course):
*She Came to Stay* by Simone de Beauvoir--A novel, but one that contains existentialist philosophy before Sartre wrote about existentialism. Very intriguing descriptions of life in relationships.
*The Poisonwood Bible* by Barbara Kingsolver--Another novel (and an Oprah book) which deeply affected me. Though it isn't necessarily a "happy" story, it contains a wonder about the world around us, and an appreciation for its diversity that is awe-inspiring and encourages me to enjoy life instead of control and change it.
*The Ragamuffin Gospel* by Brennan Manning--On recommendation of my sister-in-law, also deeply affecting about the amazing love and grace of God that reaches out to all of us as ragamuffins. This book contains lessons that I need to learn and re-learn about how to live out of love as the rule of life instead of living from a place of fear. A fantastic book!


M&Y said...

One more recent book (and another one not far behind): *Gilead* by Marilynne Robinson. I guess I forgot this one because it became such a part of the fabric of my life--highly deserving of the pulitzer prize, and I was very grateful to read it.

Joelle said...

Hey! My name is Joelle. I know this is somewhat random, but I've been looking at the Institute for Christian Studies as a possible grad school option, and wandering around online researching it, your blog came up. So, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind throwing out some off-the-cuff remarks about your experience at ICS, the quality of education, etc. Like I said, I know its somewhat random, but I was really impressed by the information I've found on ICS so far, and am just looking for any additional information about it that might aid my grad school hunt. :-) Thanks a ton!

M&Y said...


So glad you found us! I (we) would love to tell you about our experience at the Institute and in Toronto! It might be better to email us, though, so we could communicate more directly. Our email is on the main page off to the side. Under "Email Yvana" or "Email Michael" (Your pick!). We would love to hear from you and talk with you about it!

Anonymous said...

When is the next update?!?