Saturday, July 14, 2007

As of recently...

Hello, friends...
My mom informs me that we have not posted recently, and she is absolutely right. So, here is a quick update on what we have been up to since in DeKalb, IL (beginning June 1).

Hanging with Bob. As a celebration of our return to the States (I'm sure), Bob Phelan threw a BBQ at his house just days after we arrived. Even though it wasn't really for us, it was a great excuse for everyone to get together to kick off the summer!

Writing our respective theses. Yvana has sent hers in, (yeah!) and will traveling up to TO sometime in the next five weeks to defend. Mike is plugging away, working on chapter three currently and on schedule for finishing before he starts at UofC.

Attending the CRC's yearly Synod meeting. Yvana had the joy of being able to go with Lori Evenhouse to Grand Rapids in June to join with hundreds of women in support of overtures for women (and men) in the CRC. It was a wonderfully encouraging time with fellow women in the CRC.

Listening to the DeKalb Municipal Band. Bob and Paul came out to visit, and we took them to several DeKalb specialities--the free concert in the park, Ollies' frozen custard, and Borders right before closing. It was quite the night, and I even learned how to waltz...

Watching the Evergreen Park fourth of July Parade and Fireworks. As has become our yearly tradition, we journeyed out to the south suburbs once again for fourth of July festivities in Evergreen Park. Together with the Reppmann family, we watched the parade over a picnic dinner and then enjoyed fireworks. We had wonderful weather, and, as always, great company!

Working at our respective jobs. Mike is currently in his eleventh summer/year at Fay's, still catering deliciously MSG-ed porkchops and chicken for hungry mid-westerners. Notably, he has cooked for former speaker of the house Dennis Hastert. Yvana has been working at the nearby Laundry Lounge and Tan and in between cleaning and closing, working on her tan and catching up on reading.

Working out our many moves. As many of you know, we moved from Toronto to DeKalb early in the summer and have been enjoying immensely the city here and the proximity to the library! We are also preparing for our new home in Chicago (facebook us--see sidebar--if you would like our address as of August 15). Unfortunately we need to move out of DeKalb before moving into Chicago and will have a week or so in various houses while our stuff is in storage before the big move in the middle of August. If anyone is free on the fifteenth and willing to help for a first look at our new Hyde Park apartment and some pizza, let Mike or I know! (In case you are confused about how classy DeKalb is, the above pictures are of our Hyde Park apartment)

Preparing for the GRE. Yvana is taking the GRE once again in just over a week. Hopefully my vocabulary and writing has improved enough through thesis writing to help my verbal score... Prayers on July 26, please!

Visiting with Family. Yvana's mom, aunt Norene and cousin Blake came for a visit just recently where we went out to eat, visited extended family in Rockford, got lost in Northern Illinois, and went furniture and yarn shopping. It was a full 36 hours!

Well, it will hopefully not be another six + weeks before we post again, but if it is, bug us about it (it works!)

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sara without an 'h' said...

If I knew all I had to do was tell you to post, I'd have send you an email weeks ago!

Thanks for the update.