Friday, September 28, 2007

Hello, Autumn, my old friend

Nothing says, "Goodbye, and hope to see you real soon" to summer like a cloudless, warm day with family, pizza, new friends, cheap books and half-price gelato at midnight. It makes fall in Chicago--the harbinger of never-ending winter--a little easier to take. Thankfully, that is precisely the kind of solstice that Mike and I were privileged to celebrate this past Saturday. Beginning late, as do all the best Saturdays, we listened to our favourite radio programme--"Wait, Wait, Don't tell me!", cleaned and had a leisurely lunch of delicious leftovers from the gourmet dinner the night before, when Mike's parents came by to begin the afternoon's festivities.

We walked through the tree lined, sun spotted streets of Hyde Park to U of C where we met up with new Div School friends from the previous night's downtown excursion. Loading on to the yellow school bus, we headed up LSD to Navy Pier where we met up with some of Mike's siblings and took an architectural boat tour to find out the history of Chicago's very distinctive skyline. Faces kissed by summer-feeling sun and the reminder-wind telling us that fall was right around the corner, it was a wonderfully pleasant and informative trip with fascinating history of may buildings that were before nameless to me.

Leaving downtown, we all went back to Hyde Park and continued our architectural sensitivity by looking around U of C. After a bite to eat at Giordano's we were all pretty tired. However, after the family left, midnight madness was only beginning. 57th street came alive after 9:30 where Powell's had a fabulous 50% off sale, and so did the Istria cafe. We got to scope out and enjoy the deals and deliciousness that was the last few hours of summer in Hyde Park with some of our new friends from the Divinity School. Now that is the way to ring in the fall, summer style!

So after just over a month in our new place, we are finally settling in to our fall routine with Mike in class full-time and doing work as a research assistant. Not the first day of school, but it was close...:


sara without an 'h' said...

You two are too cute.

And it's good to hear that you seem to be settling quite nicely into your new social and academic scene. Although, it does make a little jealous of your new friends. I miss you, and wish you were here!

sara without an 'h' said...

also, your profile still says you are both students at ICS, and while i love to imagine that you still are here, you are very clearly absent from ICS this year and embarking on a new academic adventure in another country...