Saturday, September 30, 2006

Amos Lee for free?!

So, I guess it's been a few days (weeks?) since I wrote a depressing and wordy blog... so I'm about due...

Really, I'm just going to try to keep this short and sweet. It's been a good past few days, although busy, and to give you a rundown of the highlights I will work backward. Just a few minutes ago, Yvana was searching for a constructive waste of time and decided to put in a counter on the blog. Now we can both fulfill our middle school dreams and really see how quantifiably unpopular we are!

Yesterday we (along with a whole host of other ICS'ers) attended the Symposium and Festschrift for George Vandervelde, emeritus professor of theology here at the Institute. A good time was had by all, with such big names as Mike Goheen and Al Wolters appearing on the panel. The conversation centered on George's interest in ecumenical dialog, especially with Roman Catholicism. Afterward, we were able to introduce the inaugural batch of ICS wine (Shiraz and Ruisseau Blanc)! It was received with muted enthusiasm, with much more enthusiasm directed at the lack of charge for consuming such wine. Junior members languished long into the night in discussion and tomfoolery, ingesting cheese, crackers, cornbread, and purloined wine with everyone packing it in around 2.

Lotta work this week, with a day of running stuck. Guided reading, beginning Ecclesiastical Latin, presentation on Monday the 1st for my Gadamer class.

But last Monday evening was a blast. Yvana and I, along with Jeff, Chris, and Janna, went down to the Drake Hotel to see Amos Lee in concert! Even more exciting, it was to be taped and broadcast on Sympatico/MSN! The only problem was that it was an exclusive event, meaning that riffraff like us weren't allowed because we weren't on the list. Although the males were immediately deterred and turned away in defeat, Janna and Yvana talked their (and our) way into the venue. Thankful and amazed, we enjoyed an intimate concert with fantastic music... and free domestics on tap. Afterward, we retreated to Jeff's and had cake in celebration. Chris and I went to look for a beer store, but none were open. So we spent zero dollars on the whole evening of fun, food and fellowship.
Enough fun for now. Back to the grinding stone.

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Kidgit said...

Two things, first, I'm commenting now because I'm under a lot of pressure from the fam and second I'm commenting on this one cause it's the shortest and I'm tired. Third, and this is the surprise comment, I can't believe that the highlight of the Amos Lee concert was the domestic beer and the downside was not finding more beer later on...tsk tsk brother. What have you come to?