Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Quick update post:
We are having to make do with far less time on the internet this week, since we have found ourselves unable to access the wireless network at home. (And considering that I only come into school on Thursday and Friday, both for class, my Internet time is short indeed!) It has been a helpful forced discipline, helping me especially get far more work done than I had thought possible before. It is also interesting in terms of self-reflection on my dependancy on the internet. Do I need to check my email several times a day, or even every day? (some people think so... but, happily, no!) It has been quite a release--giving up. I would love to say how wonderful it has been in terms of making my life more full, but I do miss what the Internet provides by way of contact with people who I don't see regularly and keep in touch with a larger world of information instantaeously--yes, I miss it, but am trying to make the most of it. [What am I saying, it has been four whole days without the internet... poor me!]

Celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving on Sunday (and Monday), which is only called Canadian Thanksgiving when you are talking to people in the States (by the way). Wonderful trip to the (Andy and Jenny) Bouma's home in Bowmanville, ON--where we saw Ryan, and got to spend time with his siblings Kristen and Chad (Jack, for those of you who are in the know...), and of course Ben, who came with us. In addition to the enormous meal of turkey, ham, and all the "traditional fixin's," we invented a new game, based on components of Yatzee, Scotland Yard, Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit--a great game, we will have to play it with you sometime!

Took the GRE yesterday, for which studying for has been eating up a lot of our time lately. Mike and I both did well enough to feel confident sending our scores to the schools to which we are applying... In case we hadn't told you personally which ones: Boston College (Boston, MA) and DePaul (Chicago, IL) for Yvana; University of Chicago Divinity School (Chicago, IL), Harvard Divinity School (Boston, MA), Nortwestern University (Chicago, IL), and Boston University (Boston, MA) for Mike [roughly in order of preference... it is quite a debate at home, let me tell you!]

And, as a last weekly feature, what we are reading right now (or, in this case, what we would like to or should be reading...)
Yvana: The Cunning Man by Robertson Davies (a very popular Canadian author that I had never before heard of... This is for our book club which meets the end of the month); The Christian Platonism of Simone Weil (still...); Critical Essays on Simone deBeauvoir (This is just for fun, though I haven't started it yet...)
Mike: Sermons on the Song of Songs by Bernard of Clairvaux; Eros and Allegory; Voice of My Beloved by Matter; Paul Ricoeur: Owl of Minerva by Richard Kearney; Freakanomics by Levitt (though not nearly enough time for this one!)

Well, that's about all for now, we will try to get back on a regular schedule with posting, though next week we will be in Oklahoma City, OK--lots of news from there, I am sure! Stay tuned!

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